Helping entrepreneurs to optimise their customer acquisition processes so that they can focus on working on their business, rather than in it

Discover how you can build a sustainable and scalable pipeline of customers for your offer, without spending a fortune on advertising or spending hours prospecting or taking sales calls yourself

25+ years of working with global leaders

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I’m Stefan, the founder of SLHE Consulting and I’ve spent 25+ years optimising customer acquisition processes for some of the world’s largest companies. And in that time, not only has the end user benefited from an enhanced customer experience, the ROI for my clients has been significant too.

And while I’m proud of making a difference on that scale, it has become apparent to me that delivering great customer experiences is often seen as only being possible for large, multi-million dollar companies who can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars on digital agencies or freelancers (because the reality is, skills like mine don’t come cheap).

But here’s the thing… I don’t believe it has to be that way.

So how exactly can I help your business?

I believe, that with the right coaching and support, any business owner can step away from being responsible for customer acquisition, allowing them to focus on the parts of the business they enjoy the most and ultimately reap the benefits of entrepreneurship

  4 Steps for Success

Regardless of how big or small your business is, I can provide you with the tools & support to deliver an optimised customer acquisition process.

My 4-Step process is designed to be adaptable to your circumstances, ensuring your ongoing success.

The 4 Steps are…

  •   Initiation
  •   Ideation
  •   Transformation
  •   Optimisation


This step lays the foundation for all future steps; get clear on the needs of the business, your customers and your offer. Define success criteria and desired outcomes, and evaluate why you are considering taking these actions.


Go wide and go deep, put aside any limitations and think big. Analyse your market to get ideas that you can evaluate or validate. Then, focus and identify those things that will deliver the best customer outcomes & ROI.


This step brings your ideas to life using a variety of proven techniques tailored to you and your business goals, all designed to get you out of the day to day acquisition process, freeing you to focus on strategy and fulfillment activities.


Now that your solution is live and in the hands of your customers, this step ensures that you don’t miss out on opportunities to increase your ROI. Track, analyse, refine and optimise to deliver continuous improvement as your business grows.

Why should you work with me?

Whether it’s hiring an agency or specialist employees, you have plenty of options for optimising your customer acquisition processes… but here’s why working with me is best for your business…

Knowledge retention

The skills you learn and knowledge acquired remains within your business, no need to brief an agency every time you want any work done or deal with someone new when their staff turnover.

Ongoing support

You’ll get ongoing access to me, ensuring your skills remain up to date and when new tools or processes become available you can apply them to your business as you see fit.

Personalised approach

Every business is different, yet many agencies will take you through the same process regardless of your unique requirements. Work with me and we can adapt your training and processes accordingly.

Higher ROI

Agencies and contractors are expensive, plus they have overheads to consider. With my system, you can leverage my skills and knowledge for a fraction of the cost of using alternative resources.

Lifetime access

You’ll have unlimited access to my training resources, a like-minded business community and any new content that I add over time, meaning you’ll continue to benefit well beyond your break even point.

Want to learn more or get started?

Simply book a call with me so we can determine if you're a good fit for my programme and then we'll take it from there...